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Social Influence (COMPLETE UNIT) - AQA A Level Psychology

Social Influence (COMPLETE UNIT) - AQA A Level Psychology


This bundle for AQA A Level Psychology Social Influence is the ultimate pack for teachers
delivering this course. New for 2023. The highest quality, unrivalled lesson experiences from
start to finish. This can be delivered over around 15 lessons. The bundle is structured as


L1 Types and explanations of conformity
L2 The Asch study
L3-4 Zimbardo's Stanford Prison Experiment
L5 Milgram's study of obedience
L6 Milgram's situational variables
L7 Explanations of obedience
L8-9 Dispositional explanation - The Authoritarian personality
L10-11 Resistance to social influence
L12-13 Minority influence
L14-15 Social influence and social change


Filled with a variety of activities, real life examples, videos, exam questions, model answers,
marking grids so students can self/peer assess to identify WWW and EBI with their responses
before making improvements. Kahoot quizzes and box plenaries to consolidate learning in an
engaging way.


All you need - open the powerpoint, run through it, and deliver quality lessons whilst saving
precious time. Colourful, concise and engaging slides! - all files in zip folder.


School purchase orders can be sent to


Thank you

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