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OCR CTEC Business Unit 1 The business environment - LO6 External influences

OCR CTEC Business Unit 1 The business environment - LO6 External influences


This set of resources includes 5x PPTs, 4x word files and can be delivered over 8-10 lessons.
There is quite a lot of theory in LO6, in the first powerpoint, we run through each category of
influences briefly, and in the next 4 ppts we focus more on economic, legal and ethical
influences as these are larger areas.


For economic influences, we start by looking at some shocking (for students) price changes in
the last few decades before looking at how inflation is calculated and the implications on
businesses and concumsers. We then go onto looking at interest rates and again, implications on
consumers and businesses. Two essay exam style questions included on each topic - both with
structure guidance and concise model answers to help students with peer assessments.


The second part to economic influences introduces learners to the stages in the business cycle
and how each affects businesses and consumers, we also look at different types of tax and their
implcications. Finally we look at exchange rates and their impacts. Two guided research tasks, a
link to a kahoot quiz and box plenary to finish off with.


For legal factors, we start by watching a clip on discrimination at work before looking at the
various types of legislation that exists to protect consumers and employees. A matching
consolidation activity followed by a case study on an electronics manufacturer, students have
the opportunity to consider whether complying with law outweighs not complying with law - 12
mark question with structure guidance and a model answer. Students can self or peer assess with
the marking grids before engaging in a kahoot, finally ending with a box plenary.


For ethical factors, learners engage in provoking discussions. We start by looking at what
ethics involves, we look at some real thought provoking case studies with Primark and Bangladesh's factories, Apple and Foxconn's sweatshops. A 12 mark question with a concise model answer to peer assess with and a debate task acting for and against firms that are unethical.


Colourful, concise and engaging slides! 


Thank you

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