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OCR CTEC Business Unit 1 The business environment - LO3 Organisational structure

OCR CTEC Business Unit 1 The business environment - LO3 Organisational structure


This set of resources includes 1x PPT, 2x word files and is split into 3 lessons. Learners are introduced to key concepts in organisational structures such as span of control and chain of command in engaging ways i.e chinese whispers to demonstrate the negatives of a long chain of command. We look at the pros and cons of tall, flat and matrix structures, then we move on onto centralised and decentralised structures. A short case study based on cartoon characters who have switched to decentralised - a few questions to contextualize the knowledge. Students acknowledge that orgnaisations can be strcutured in different ways such as by function and
geographic location.


In the second lesson, students have the opportunity to learn about the supermarket industry, in
particular Morrisons struggle with the budget supermarkets which led to restructuring - a 12 mark question with structure guidance and a detailed model answer to help students with peer assessments, as well as making improvements to WWW and EBI. To spice it up a bit, a group matching task, where students have to create an organisational structure - answer sheet provided
so teacher can look around whilst students work on it.


In the third lesson, we look at different job roles within organisations and the kind of work each does with examples. Two links to kahoot quizzes and a box plenary to finish with.


All you need - open the powerpoint, run through it, and deliver quality lessons whilst saving precious time. Colourful, concise and engaging slides! - all files in zip folder.


Thank you


3.1 different organisational structures
3.2 elements of organisational structures
3.3 how the elements of the organisational structures impact on businesses operations
3.4 the use of organisation charts

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