Flashcards - GCSE Business - Knowledge revision (sample)

Flashcards - GCSE Business - Knowledge revision (sample)


This bundle of resources is the ultimate pack for knowledge retrieval in the build up to exams. 


1x set of 20 flashcards
2x PDF of the powerpoint s
2x knowledge quiz questions on word


The above resources can be used in a variety of ways to ensure students can recall all the key knowledge they need. For example, the flashcards can be used by students to quiz themselves with friends and family, the word document can be folded in half and cut out, this way the question is on one side and the answer on the other - perfect for quizzing.


The PDF can be used in lessons as a starter or plenary to recap knowledge, it can also be sent to students as a revision resource and then quizzed in class the following lesson.


The knowledge tests can be sat by students at the end of teaching the unit, they are the same questions that are on the flashcards, so students should aim to get 100% if they utilise the flashcards.


Colourful, concise and engaging flashcards to make sure it sticks! 


The complete bundle for Theme 1 & Theme 2 can be found here: https://www.mrzeesresources.com/product-page/edexcel-gcse-business-9-1-knowledge-revision-204-flashcards


Thank you