Edexcel A Level Business YEAR 2 (Theme 3 & 4)

Edexcel A Level Business YEAR 2 (Theme 3 & 4)


This bundle for Edexcel's A Level Year 2 Bundle is the ultimate pack for teachers delivering this course to year 13s. Updated for 2021 with more engaging and colourful slides to cater for remote learning needs. The highest quality, unrivalled lesson experiences from start to finish.


Filled with real life examples, concise case studies to save time and focus on key skills of knowledge, application, analysis and evaluation. Questions with structured guidance and modelled answers for self/peer assessments - to save your time and to build their skills at the same time rather than just going through theory slide after slide. Please have a look at individual files to see previews.


  • Fully editable PowerPoints linked to specification
  • Relevant case studies and exam style questions
  • Concise model answers + peer marking grids for regular mini assessments (particularly useful for this year’s evidence gathering)
  • Differentiated learning objectives based on bloom’s taxonomy
  • Do now activities to settle learners straight away
  • Provoking starters to hook students into lessons
  • A huge range and variety of activities with answers
  • Kahoots and pick a box plenaries to end on a high
  • Produced by a teacher and examiner since the launch of this specification


All you need - open the powerpoint, run through it, and deliver quality lessons whilst saving precious time. Colourful, concise and engaging slides! - all files in zip folder.


Thank you