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Edexcel A Level Business Theme 4 - 4.3.1 Marketing

Edexcel A Level Business Theme 4 - 4.3.1 Marketing


This double lesson introduces learners to marketing in a global context, building on the knowledge from theme 1. We start by looking at three main types of marketing strategies then go on to look at'Glocalisation', and the best example of this which is Mcdonald's. A short engaging video on how Mcdonald's has tailored their foods to countries around the world, followed by a concise case study on the same topic for consolidation.


A few activities followed by another concise case study on Mattel and how they launched Barbie in China, but ultimately failed, due to an incorrect marketing strategy. Students attempt a 10 mark exam style question on this, with structure guidance and a model answer provided which can be used for peer asssessment. Finally we look at the Ansoff's matrix to help decide when risk is involved.


Colourful, concise and engaging slides! 


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