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Edexcel A Level Business Theme 3 - 3.4.4 Business ethics

Edexcel A Level Business Theme 3 - 3.4.4 Business ethics


This lesson introduces learners to ethics and corporate social responsibility - this is also covered in theme 4, although with some differences such as the focus on pay and rewards. We start by looking at what is involved in ethics, with real examples of a number of unethical actions, for example the Primark factory in Bangladesh which collapsed and killed many workers, or the suicides that were committed in Foxconn in Shezhen due to the horrid working conditions.


We look at the advantages of being a socially responsible company before looking at some facts into CEOs pay. A case study on CEOs salaries and bonus makes for an interesting discussion where students can prepare arguments for and against the very high bonus' CEOs receive. 

Students can present their findings back in groups, and then answer a 12 mark question on the case study in class or for homework. Structure guidance and a concise model answer provided for students to identify WWW and EBI with their response.A box plenary to finish with.


Colourful, concise and engaging slides! 


Thank you

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