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Edexcel A Level Business Theme 3 - 3.2.3 Organic growth

Edexcel A Level Business Theme 3 - 3.2.3 Organic growth


This double lesson introduces learners to organic growth, we start by looking at the problems of rapid growth from the previous lesson before looking at the methods of organic growth and their advantages and disadvantages. We then go on to read a short case study on a ready meal manufacturer based in Bradford, who have grown organincally since 1979. A 10 mark question on this with structure guidance and a concise model answer provided, to help students peer assess
against the criteria.


This is followed by a research task for students to find a company that has grown organically (link for poundland given if students struggle to find), they then present their findings back to the class - structure for this is provided too. We finish off with a kahoot quiz, the link is included and a box plenary.

Colourful, concise and engaging slides! 


Thank you

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