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AQA GCSE Business 9-1 - 6.3 Financial terms and calculations

AQA GCSE Business 9-1 - 6.3 Financial terms and calculations


This five lesson bundle starts by introducing learners to revenue, costs and profit. Each of these is broken down to the core, students will get it! Lots of calculation practice to
consolidate this. A 9 mark question with a case study and model answer for students to aspire to and peer assess with.


A lesson with a game where students are in groups and must make the most profit by charging the best prices for their business, a live scoreboard to see which team is performing the best.


Break even is broken down to the core also, and again lots of calculation practice. A task to draw BE graphs, the spec doesn't require this but it will extend their knowledge on the topic.


A case study where we look at the pros and cons of using BE and whether it is useful in a given context.


Finally a lesson on average rate of return, this is broken down step by step, with a few examples so students know exactly what is required, in a concise way so it's easy to absorb.


Colourful, concise and engaging slides! 


Thank you

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