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AQA GCSE Business 9-1 - 1.6 Business planning

AQA GCSE Business 9-1 - 1.6 Business planning


This lesson introduces learners to the contents and purpose of a business plan, we discuss the sections of a plan, we then go on to look at an infamous example of what it shouldn't be like in Solomon's plan presented to Claude Littner in the Apprentice. A 3 mark question with a model answer, a few short tasks before going onto creating a business plan in groups, a template has been provided. Students present back their plans to the class and the class are provided with a sheet to write WWW and EBI with their peers presentations.


A group task where they match parts of the business plan to the different areas of the business plan - answers included. I have not included the covering calculation of revenue, cost and profit in this lesson (as required in spec) - the reason for this is I prefer to teach it altogether in the finance section which is the first area to deliver for me.


Colourful, concise and engaging slides! 


Thank you

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