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AQA GCSE Business 9-1 - 1.5 Business location

AQA GCSE Business 9-1 - 1.5 Business location


This lesson introduces learners to what factors start ups might consider when choosing a location to start up, we then look at key factors that determine the location such as proximity to customers, labour, transport and more. A 3 mark question with a model answer to peer assess. Finally an engaging group activity where a case study is given and some financial data about different locations, students then work together to calculate and discuss which location is the best to start up. Whole class discussion on the ultimate location. Students can write down their conclusions.


A ranking activity where students have to consider various factors that affect location, and then for different types of businesses, state which factors are the most important when deciding to locate.


Colourful, concise and engaging slides! 


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