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2.3.1 Profit - Theme 2 Edexcel A Level Business

2.3.1 Profit - Theme 2 Edexcel A Level Business


This set of resources includes 1x ppt and 4 word files and introduces learners to the different types of profit. We start by looking at a step by step animated example of a pizza shop's income statement. This is followed by an engaging consolidation activity of completing an income statement for Ian Beale's fish and chip shop, answers are provided on the board for students to self assess.


We then look at some 4 mark exam style calculation questions, answers provided. We then go on to looking at gross and net profit margins and plenty of calculation practice here with answers popping in on the slide for students to self assess. Students also consider the difference between cash and profit (a very common misconception where students lose marks in their essays). A link to a kahoot quiz on profit and a box plenary to finish with.


Colourful, concise and engaging slides! 


Thank you

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