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2.1.4 Planning - Theme 2 Edexcel A Level Business

2.1.4 Planning - Theme 2 Edexcel A Level Business


This set of resources can be delivered over 3-4 lessons and introduces learners to the importance of business planning with an emphasis on cash flow forecasting. We start by looking at what's included in a business plan and the purpose of creating one, a group matching cards activity to consolidate the contents of the business plan.


We then go on to looking at the importance of a positive cash flow, and how to construct a cash flow forecast from scratch step by step (although this isn't required it helps understand the topic well). Students then go on to consolidate this by creating a cash flow forecast for Ian Beale's fish and chip shop, some further calculation practice followed.


This is followed by 2 x 12 mark questions, one on business planning and one on cash flow forecasting based on Ian Beale's forecast. Both comes with structure guidance and concise model answers for students to peer assess with. Two links to kahoot quizzes on the topic and a box plenary to finish with.


Colourful, concise and engaging slides! 


Thank you

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