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2.1.1 Economic growth - Theme 2 Edexcel A Level Economics

2.1.1 Economic growth - Theme 2 Edexcel A Level Economics


This bundle of 3 lessons introduces learners to economic growth and a range of concepts within economic growth such as real vs nominal GDP, total GDP vs per capita and GNP. We start by looking at GDP charts to identify areas of growth and recession. We look at real life examples of countries with positive and negative growth with stimulating discussions. We also look at the limitations of using GDP as a measure of standard of living - a 12 mark question with a concise model answer for students to look before peer assessing and making improvements to WWW and EBI.


Finally, we look at happiness and how it is really included when measuring how well an economy is performing, we look at the 7 factors that determine happiness as identified by Laynard. Purchasing power is compared with a great example from spending in India compared to the UK.


A link to a kahoot quiz to finish with.


Colourful, concise and engaging slides! 


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