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1.4.5 Leadership - Theme 1 Edexcel A Level Business

1.4.5 Leadership - Theme 1 Edexcel A Level Business


This set of resources includes 2x PPT, 2x word files and can be delivered over 2-3 lessons. We start by looking at various leaders to find out what actually makes a good leader. We look at 3 fictional characters with different styes as well as 3 fictional businesses, students try to justify which leader is suited for each business, we then go on to look at the four styles with examples before reading a case study on a business that has been transformed through leadership - a 12 mark question with structure guidance and concise model answer provided for students to peer assess with.


In the second lesson, we look at a scenario of autocratic leadership, students discuss for and against this style by applying it to the scenario. We then go on to an engaging group activity with different difficult scenarios students find themselves in, and as leaders they have a range of actions they can take to fix the difficult situations. A case study on the legendary investor Warren Buffet with a 4 mark question and model answer.


Two links to kahoot quizzes and a box plenary to finish with.


Colourful, concise and engaging slides! 


Thank you

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