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Memory (COMPLETE UNIT) - AQA A Level Psychology

Memory (COMPLETE UNIT) - AQA A Level Psychology


This bundle for AQA A Level Psychology Memory is the ultimate pack for teachers delivering this course. New for 2023-24. The highest quality, unrivalled lesson experiences from start to finish. This can be delivered over around 12 lessons. The bundle is structured as follows:


L1-2 The multi-store model
L3 Coding, capacity and duration of memory
L4 Types of long-term memory
L5 The working memory model
L6 Explanations for forgetting - interference
L7-8 Explanation for forgetting - retrieval failure
L9  Eyewitness testimony - misleading information
L10 Eyewitness testimony - anxiety
L11-12 Eyewitness testimony - cognitive interview


Filled with a variety of activities, real life examples, videos, exam questions, model answers, marking grids so students can self/peer assess to identify WWW and EBI with their responses before making improvements. Kahoot quizzes and box plenaries to consolidate learning in an engaging way.


All you need - open the powerpoint, run through it, and deliver quality lessons whilst saving precious time. Colourful, concise and engaging slides! - all files in zip folder.


School purchase orders can be sent to


Thank you

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